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Issue #68: Spring/Summer 2021

Juniper Kim, Mirrors & Stones


Flower Conroy - Scripture Fusion - In the Time of My First Pandemic I Contemplate Aferlife

Sophia Terazawa Tango - [“Yes, I Saw It Happen Thirty, Forty Times”] - Testimony R [“Rounded Up”]

Sarah J. Sloat - [I don’t require...] - [To pull two holes...]

Brandon Som - Sirenas Del Aire, 1958 - Fuchi - Cypher

Jon Elofson - Blueshift

Uma Dwivedi - Mouth (Ars Poetica) - I Am a Pisces But Mostly I Am Afraid - I Beg Mama To Fuck Me Up

Joy Tabernacle-KMT - she left me on a new moon - After living for an epoch in the tunnels holding up the United States

Nome Emeka Patrick - Self-Portrait of the Poet as Grace’s Cub

Mary Ruefle - Le Petit Detail

Dani Oliver - this mania

Lytey Kay - When Holding the Hands of Your Mother, and Her Mother, and Her Mother - Obeah

Lynn Gao Cox - Buoyancy

Maggie Queeney - My Appetite

El Williams III - Ars Poetica or Coming Out as Poet

Youssef Mohamed - Fruits Basket

Bernardo Wade - Paradise Loser

Dara-Lyn Shrager - Silver Hill


Elizabeth Rasich - A Mother in the Hand

T.N. Eyer - A Dying Breed

Shelly Eshbaugh-Soha - Empowered Housewives

Steven Vineis - Pumpjack


Sean Enfield - God Is a Mosh Pit

Erin Vachon - i don’t find this stuff amusing anymore

Lydia Paar - Holy

Melanie Thorne - You Will Be Hurt

Michael Colbert - Sea Monsters


Ana Guadalupe, translated by Ananda Lima - passé composé


San Pham, Crane Daughter 1

Crane Daughter 2

Crane Daughter 3

Crane Daughter 4

Juniper Kim, Mirrors & Stones