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Issue #66: Spring/Summer 2020

HFR 66


Jari Bradley - Before the Body; Bestiary; Transmogrification

Jonathan Andrew Pérez - Immigration

JUSTIN ROVILLOS MONSON - Education; Look At This Line:

Carlina Duan - At the Portland Rose Garden, I’m Put in My Place; PIN1YIN1.COM

Valerie Hsiung - from & THE GREEN; AN AFTERMATH & A FORWARD

Ava Hofmann - [in in-ness ingrown in]; [DSM with a knife in]; from love poems/smallness studies

Victoria Hsu - Symposium

Joe Gutierrez - Blueberry Falls Off The Bed After Dreaming They Failed A Rorschach Test #1; Blueberry Falls Off The Bed After Dreaming They Failed a Rorschach Test #2; About the Four Winds

Trey Moody - Communion; The Pond; The Clouds Here Are Beautiful; Without Your Voice this Evening

Jordan McDonald - Criticism

Grace Wagner - Polyamory: An Introduction; My Mother Taught Me How To Gather Mercury

Daniel Moysaenko - Revisions

Todd Robinson - Flood; Until Rain Blends Our Blues; Ode to a Boneyard Dog

Adrienne Christian - Portrait of Debra

Naoko Fujimoto - Why I Didn’t Know

Samyak Shertok - When the Crow Stopped Singing; Ama

Alyssa D. Ross - Air Quality

I.S. Jones - Mark of Cain

Jean Buehler - Prequel to Truth



Becca Wild - The Missing Girl Who Was Missing All Summer That One Summer

JD Scott - Moon Tempest

Ae Hee Lee - Loving Tigers

Emmilea O’Toole - The Home For Problem Girls

Jennifer Wortman - Snake in the House



Ellene Glenn Moore - Astronomical Dusk

Tammy Heejae Lee - No Tears For the Witch

Mary Henn - Assemblies

Jennifer A. Howard - The Case of Overt Feminism in Public; The Case of Time and Confidence; The Case of Make Believe



Paula Abramo, translated by Dick Cluster - Angelina

Juan Andrés García Román, translated by Nick Rattner - Little Song



Maria Teplova - Nowhere; Movie Night; Space Diner

Jovita Widjaja - Expression—Double Glance; Expression—Serenity; Expression—Afar; Aster

Brian Barker - Wonders of the Reconstruction; Mr. Redbone’s Walking Stick; The Magic Ham; Psychopomp Deux; Folk Magic; The Hippopotamus Dreams of Hair

Janet Biehl - Mermaid; Fisherman; Tangled Up; Mardi Gras