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Hayden's Ferry Review

Issue #72: Spring/Summer 2023

HFR Issue #72: Spring/Summer 2023


Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán - First day of mourning :: We enter the time of fires - nautical: reef dweller


Dorinda Wegener - The Most Melancholic Key

M. Cynthia Cheung - The Yijing: a pandemic apocrypha

Anna Newman - de terre eleccione or: soil quality or: how abundance comes from the Body

Arnisha Royston - Golden Shovel #2

Liz Pino Sparks - Pink Jakarta Almonds

Jerry Xiao - Exile

Raymond Luczak - GHOST GRANDMA

.chisaraokwu. - Woma(n) without wom(b)* (wom mata)

Linette Marie Allen - A Talent for Duck - SAPPHO REPORTING, SOMEWHERE IN TEXAS

Anthony Thomas Lombardi - excerpt from fragments from Amy Winehouse’s stepw ork journal

Mackenzie Schubert Polonyi Donnelly - Dear Hygieia

Kathryn Hargett-Hsu - excerpt from Consultation Notes: Overdose, Little Flames

Caleb A.P. Parker - Three Reconstructions of an Anonymous Early 21st Century Poem - Whaling Triquetra

Nadine Hitchiner - Piano Quai1

Felix Valentino de la Luz Salmoran - Vessel

Chinụa Ezenwa-Ọhaeto - Monologue Writtern After Watching a Robin Lift from a Tree Branch


Audrey Bauman - The River

Jessica Powell - Middle School Math

Bella Koschalk - Reanimation

Melissa Cistaro - thirty-nine hours

Kathryn Kysar - Black Asphalt

Aditi Natasha Kini - baby doll!

Lauren Woods - Imagine (with Difficulty)

Ellie Black - Rebecca


Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau translated by Dominique Russell - Translator’s Note - [One good chop of the guillotine]

Juana Peñate Montejo translated by Carol Rose Little and Charlotte Friedman - Translator’s Note - Dance of the Rain - Dragonflies

B.A. Van Sise and Lokosh - Nothingness

Edith Södergran translated by CD Eskilson - Sorrow - At the Shore

Tamara Grosso translated by Claudia Nuñez de Ibieta - More Fragile Than a Childhood or a Balloon -

Beatriz Llenín-Figueroa translated by Guillermo Rebollo-Gil - one thinks of herself as starkly confronting the real - certain trees, I read,

Sara Shagufta translated by Sabyn Javeri - The Second Cliff


Andrea Hellman - Artist’s Statement - Our Lady of the Earth and Sky – Dance Floor - My Colors I Give You -
And Heal My Survivor Heart

Julie Lee - Artist’s Statement - 03 – 04 – 05 – 06 - 07

Raye Hendrix - Artist’s Statement - Deliquescence #1 - Deliquescence #2 - Planetary - Crystallarium - Queen Susan #5

Issue #71: Fall/Winter 2022


Phuong T. Vuong - If Language is a Metaphor Between Sound and Meaning - Grandmother Says: New Theorems

Joan Kwon Glass - Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston


Cymelle Leah Edwards - Trying/To be an ant - Mapping of Female Ejaculation


upfromsumdirt - Abstrack Africana - John Henry Says I Am Not My Hammer (a.k.a., To Boldly Go Drylongso)

Preeti Parikh - THE [ ] OF SKIN - OF THE BODY | YOUR [ ] CATCHES YOU

Mya Matteo Alexice - In Which Belief Comes To Me Briefly and Dissipates Just as Quickly - QUEER DEATH DRIVE


Alexa Luborsky - Key - Caesar Cipher

Kimberly Reyes - Ascension

Wendy M. Thompson - Once a Wife, Always a Mother

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller - Metropolis Golem

Mason Wray - Signal Decay: Springtime - Signal Decay: Aphasia

Shakeema Smalls - Kitchen Conjure

Max Early – Bessie’s Transmission

Mónica A. Jiménez - Moribundo

DeeSoul Carson - golden shovel at the shore of lake lanier

Jie Cohen - Agdistis II

Kieron Walquist – XXX

Jessica Dionne - ge·oph·a·gy – Miscarriage

Gavin Yuan Gao - Ghost Money

Mark Kyungsoo Bias - OLD SONG


Thaai Walker – Flight

Emily Giangiulio - natura morta / still life


Amanda E. Scott - A Room So Ancient I Almost Forgot

Jaime Grechika - Where I’m From

Summer C.J. Wrobel - A God for My Mother

Maggie Boyd Hare - Self Portrait in Essays I Don’t Want to Write

S.J. Ghaus - Touching Sound


Mona Kareem translated by Sara Elkamel – Body of Light – The Sublime

Ma Yan translated by Winnie Zeng – Translator’s Note - Sunday, I Sit on Glass......

Magnús Sigurðsson translated by Mark Ioli – Translator’s Note - This World, Like Any Other

Cho Ji Hoon translated by Sekyo Nam Haines – Moonlight Song - Blood-Hued Tree Ring

Juana Bignozzi translated by Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman - I am a unproblematic woman

Estefanía González translated by Will Howard - Ring


Natalia Bosques Chico - Artist’s Statement – Lector - Recuerdos Pequeñitos - Boquerón 2021

Rara Avis – Artist’s Statement – Crooner - Starflake and Camery - Paula, after Ruination – Golemess

Steven Luna – Artist’s Statement - To Our Loved Ones: Nanny - To Our Loved Ones: Nadya and Zoila - To Our Loved Ones: Margarita Luna 1 - To Our Loved Ones: Margarita Luna 2 - To Our Loved Ones: Marybel and Maria

Issue #70: Summer 2022


Joy Priest - Bass – Soulful Songs Found in Strange Places - My Sister

Haolun Xu - Spillway

Cristina Pérez Díaz - excerpt from The Garden of Limbs

mónica teresa ortiz Birds at a Funeral - Blue Heron - supper time

Sara Lupita Olivares – Imposition

Sarah Ghazal Ali - Epistle: Hagar – Cicatrix

Patrycja Humienik - Recurring - Aubade in Which I Linger

Zach Simon - Homestead


Marissa Higgins - The Source

Sarah Fawn Montgomery - The Pleasure of My Company

Jenny Drai - Plumage, Skin

Daniel Paul - Love Story While Selling Your Forehead as Advertisement Space


Lizz Dawson - Slime Flux

Katherine Yeejin Hur - Whose Secret

S.C. Beckner - The Knowing

Katherine O’Hara - excerpt from You Have to Trust Me


Jean D’Amérique translated by Conor Bracken - Translator’s Note - Formula for the Distance Between My Mother and the poem - Mother Tongue

Kim Hyesoon translated by Cindy Juyoung Ok - Translator's Note - For the Next Instant’s I - Pupil

Milad Kamyabian and Kourosh Karampour translated by Ali Asadollahi - Translator's Note - Meat Grinder - The Persian Blade


Matthew Klane - Artist’s Statement - Exclusive Artistry - Babes Club Tee - Combating the Root Cause of Asymmetric Polarization - Back Pain

Taylor Yingshi - Artist’s Statement - November 21st - Drown – Room

Anthoula Lelekidis - Artist’s Statement - Livaditsa, Greece - Dance at Epidaurus - Two generations ago - A distant figure called Mom

Kim Nekarda - Artist’s Statement - 2022, Watercolour, Acrylic, Ink, Pigment, Photocopy & Body Print on Paper, 54,5 x 44 cm - 2021, Watercolour, Graphite, Photocopy & Body Print on Paper, 58 x 43 cm - 2021, Watercolour, Ink, Pigment, Photocopy & Body Print on Paper, 56 x 43 c

HFR Issue #69: Spring 2022


Jess Smith - Valentine

Juliana Chang - the most Taiwanese thing about me

Diana Cao - Rupture: 1969|2021|1984|1996|—

Huan He - glow

Maggie Wolff - Better to Waste a Womb: A Contrapuntal

Natasha Deonarain - safe house

Sanna Wani - Between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, Tonight


Melissa Beneche - Hands

Kaushik Shridharani - The Next Life

Raul Palma - Stand Your Ground


Jane Copland - Madonna and the Floor at Gate A-12, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Julia María Schiavone Camacho - Zhong Yi

Tim Conrad - The Far Territory


Antonia Pozzi, translated by Amy Newman -  Translator’s Note - Dream of the Final Evening

Claudia Ulloa Donoso, translated by Lily Meyer - The Transfiguration of Melina

Eric Liu and Sun Tzu-ping, translated by Nicholas Wong - The Crooked Key, Crossing With If, It Did Not Matter Without Poetry


Susan Solomon - Artist’s Statement - Macaw - Animal Arrivals I - Arrival: Flamingos - Owl Arrival

Jennifer Murvin - Fertile

Janelle Cordero - Artist’s Statement - Fall Figure 1 - Fall Figure 3 - Fall Figure 4 - Fall Figure 5 - Fall Figure 8 - Fall Figure 9 - Fall Figure 10 - Fall Figure 12


Juniper Kim, Mirrors & Stones


Flower Conroy - Scripture Fusion - In the Time of My First Pandemic I Contemplate Aferlife

Sophia Terazawa Tango - [“Yes, I Saw It Happen Thirty, Forty Times”] - Testimony R [“Rounded Up”]

Sarah J. Sloat - [I don’t require...] - [To pull two holes...]

Brandon Som - Sirenas Del Aire, 1958 - Fuchi - Cypher

Jon Elofson - Blueshift

Uma Dwivedi - Mouth (Ars Poetica) - I Am a Pisces But Mostly I Am Afraid - I Beg Mama To Fuck Me Up

Joy Tabernacle-KMT - she left me on a new moon - After living for an epoch in the tunnels holding up the United States

Nome Emeka Patrick - Self-Portrait of the Poet as Grace’s Cub

Mary Ruefle - Le Petit Detail

Dani Oliver - this mania

Lytey Kay - When Holding the Hands of Your Mother, and Her Mother, and Her Mother - Obeah

Lynn Gao Cox - Buoyancy

Maggie Queeney - My Appetite

El Williams III - Ars Poetica or Coming Out as Poet

Youssef Mohamed - Fruits Basket

Bernardo Wade - Paradise Loser

Dara-Lyn Shrager - Silver Hill


Elizabeth Rasich - A Mother in the Hand

T.N. Eyer - A Dying Breed

Shelly Eshbaugh-Soha - Empowered Housewives

Steven Vineis - Pumpjack


Sean Enfield - God Is a Mosh Pit

Erin Vachon - i don’t find this stuff amusing anymore

Lydia Paar - Holy

Melanie Thorne - You Will Be Hurt

Michael Colbert - Sea Monsters


Ana Guadalupe, translated by Ananda Lima - passé composé


San Pham, Crane Daughter 1

Crane Daughter 2

Crane Daughter 3

Crane Daughter 4

Juniper Kim, Mirrors & Stones

Issue #67 Haunted: Fall/Winter 2020


Willie Lee Kinard III - What We Wayward Do - When I Made a Puppet

Aria Curtis - My Ghost Does Not Leave for a Hurricane - Florida - My Ghost Falls in Love

Shivani Mehta - Origin story - The somber tree gospel

Caelan Ernest - running up that building - Venus, on her way out:

Christian J. Collier - Benediction for the Black & Young - Blacula’s Love Song

Indrani Sengupta - the major arcana - a girl is red.

Julia Peçanha - Soft Hair - Pahá Sápa

Rebekkah Leigh LaBlue - Girl Pin-Up (Collection Redoublé) - On Taxonomy

Dakota Reed - Our Sandpaper Mouths

Rachel Franklin Wood - The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial - Dishwasher

Jennifer Conlon - Trigger a Memory, or Out of the Blue

Rachel Inez Marshall - Creepy Sonnet - Ocean Urchin Elegy - What Makes This Heart Go Bang Bang

G.C. Waldrep - The Guard Sound - Upon the Body of Intention

Zefyr Lisowski - Remembering Is a Kind of Work Too

Ryan Greene - Fifth Most Populous & Fastest Growing

Ayesha Raees - List

Moncho Alvarado - Dear Amá, - Dear Bernie


Lauren Gilmore - Clotting

Jamie Lynn Harris - Mines

Tim Horvath - Idalina

Anna Schachner - If the House Was a Happy One

Jieyan Wang - Rain & Rain

Julia LoFaso - How To House the Wanting


Rochelle Hurt - Terror Mirror

Leanna Petronella - Doll and Doll

Kirsten Vail Aguilar - Ashley

Jennifer Jordán Schaller - The Performance

Kelsey Ward - Orvillesdóttir 


Olude S. P. - Artist’s Statement - Of a witness at the Lekki massacre - All for the gains - Earthly race

Angela Deane - Artist’s Statement - Follow Me - April 2021 - Rainbow Recital - August 2021 - Vignette With Roses

Nyssa Cheruvattam - Artist’s Statement – nestled – silent - exiting from entrance 148

HFR 66


Jari Bradley - Before the Body; Bestiary; Transmogrification

Jonathan Andrew Pérez - Immigration

JUSTIN ROVILLOS MONSON - Education; Look At This Line:

Carlina Duan - At the Portland Rose Garden, I’m Put in My Place; PIN1YIN1.COM

Valerie Hsiung - from & THE GREEN; AN AFTERMATH & A FORWARD

Ava Hofmann - [in in-ness ingrown in]; [DSM with a knife in]; from love poems/smallness studies

Victoria Hsu - Symposium

Joe Gutierrez - Blueberry Falls Off The Bed After Dreaming They Failed A Rorschach Test #1; Blueberry Falls Off The Bed After Dreaming They Failed a Rorschach Test #2; About the Four Winds

Trey Moody - Communion; The Pond; The Clouds Here Are Beautiful; Without Your Voice this Evening

Jordan McDonald - Criticism

Grace Wagner - Polyamory: An Introduction; My Mother Taught Me How To Gather Mercury

Daniel Moysaenko - Revisions

Todd Robinson - Flood; Until Rain Blends Our Blues; Ode to a Boneyard Dog

Adrienne Christian - Portrait of Debra

Naoko Fujimoto - Why I Didn’t Know

Samyak Shertok - When the Crow Stopped Singing; Ama

Alyssa D. Ross - Air Quality

I.S. Jones - Mark of Cain

Jean Buehler - Prequel to Truth



Becca Wild - The Missing Girl Who Was Missing All Summer That One Summer

JD Scott - Moon Tempest

Ae Hee Lee - Loving Tigers

Emmilea O’Toole - The Home For Problem Girls

Jennifer Wortman - Snake in the House



Ellene Glenn Moore - Astronomical Dusk

Tammy Heejae Lee - No Tears For the Witch

Mary Henn - Assemblies

Jennifer A. Howard - The Case of Overt Feminism in Public; The Case of Time and Confidence; The Case of Make Believe



Paula Abramo, translated by Dick Cluster - Angelina

Juan Andrés García Román, translated by Nick Rattner - Little Song



Maria Teplova - Nowhere; Movie Night; Space Diner

Jovita Widjaja - Expression—Double Glance; Expression—Serenity; Expression—Afar; Aster

Brian Barker - Wonders of the Reconstruction; Mr. Redbone’s Walking Stick; The Magic Ham; Psychopomp Deux; Folk Magic; The Hippopotamus Dreams of Hair

Janet Biehl - Mermaid; Fisherman; Tangled Up; Mardi Gras



Nahal Suzanne Jamir - I Am the Dead Thing Below

July Westhale - Love Poem

Yongyu Chen - Poem Filled with Smoke

Gustavo Barahona-López - Politics

J.J. Peña - yo te sigo queriendo; driving home to vegas for the summer

Anuradha Bhowmik - Receipts from AOL Instant Messenger (1); Receipts from AOL Instant Messenger (2); Dada in Halcyon Days

tanner menard - Nocturne in L; excerpts from: Preludes & Flux

Lisa Buckton - A Brief History of the Body & the Needles Epistles

C.X. Hua - In Color

Maria Isabelle Carlos - Ars Poetica; Amor Fati

Jennifer Lothringen - Tony

Paula Mendoza - On The Topography of Tears

Sunni Brown Wilkinson - Mother, What you Left Behind

Marlin M. Jenkins - Reception

Bruce Bond - Scar 38; Scar 39 



Cat Ingrid Leeches - Vulvodynia

Liz Breazeale - Sex, Arachnid-Style

Brandon Hobson - The Story of Laoka: A Cherokee Myth Retold

Will Kelly - Public Domain Hell

Felicia Krol - Watered Garden

Sarah Harshbarger - Population



Alison Powell - Nomen Nudum 



Tere Dávila, translated by Rebecca Hanssens-Reed - Yellow Jaguar

Maya Tevet Dayan, translated by Jane Medved - It’s January Again. What Would I Be Telling You Now?



Joe Tsambiras - Labyrinth (Close Up); Labyrinth (Close Up); Alligator Suite: Heart; Alligator Suite: Brain; Flow of Memories; I Hear the Water Dreaming

Kayla Arroy - Beachfront with a Fruit Drink; Blue Can Be Happy Too; Spaces II; Onward + Upward; Crayola Box Dream

E.Y. Smith - Woman Beneath Dogwoods; Passengers Riding the Subway; Woman on the Way to Work; August Moon Rising; Clouds; Mid-October


Cover Art: by Jeff Slim

Fiction: Samantha Edmonds, Tessa Yang, Bridget Adams, E.E. Hussey, Rachel Ranie Taube, Christy Helms, Amy Zimmerman, Kate Jayroe, Jeremy Packert Burke, Aram Mrjoian

Nonfiction: Kathryn Nuernberger, Daniel Barnum

Poetry: Emelie Griffin, Raquel Gutiérrez, heidi andrea restrepo rhodes, Kathryn Merwin, Elvira Basevich, Felicia Zamora, Erin Slaughter, Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Orlando Ricardo Menes, Celeste Jackson, Katie Schmid, L.A. Johnson, féi hernandez, Syed Jarri Haider, Jody Chan, Jabari Jawan Allen, Betsy Johnson, Chris Campanioni, V. Wojciechowska, Jacqueline Balderrama 

Art: creamyskeleton, Isela Meraz, Manuel Antonio Salazar, Jeff Slim



Cover Art: by Elizabeth Brice-Heames

Fiction: Colleen Curran, Emily Dyer Barker, Sara Batkie

Nonfiction: Allison Wilkins, Luther Hughes, Erik Anderson

Poetry: Caylin Capra-Thomas, Sophia Stid, Christina Olivares, Sarah Barber, Kevin Reese, Valorie K. Ruiz, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, Paige Quiñones, Sally Rosen Kindred, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Libby Burton, Kimberly Alidio, Molly Bess Rector, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Roy G. Guzmán, Ananda Lima, Douglas Macdonald, Amanda Galvan Huynh

Translation: Pablo Medina (Eloisa Amezcua & Pablo Medina, translators), Claudina Domingo (Ryan Greene, translator)

Art: Saretta Morgan, Maria Nancy Thomas, Elizabeth Brice-Heames, Julia Justo


Issue 62 Contributors

Cover Art: by Adam Lupton

Prose: Carol LaHines

Poetry: Maya Phillips, Antonio Lopez, Alix Anne Shaw, Michael Marberry, Erica Lee Braverman

Translation: Boris Sandler (Jordan Kutzik, translator)

Art: Adam Lupton, Alice Blank & Jacob Oet, John Gregory Brown, Ana Prundaru

Interview: Anna Black interviews Alice Notley

HFR 61

Issue 61 Contributors

Cover Art: by Aimee Bungard

Prose: Di Starrenburg, Quintessa P. Knight, Bradley Bazzle, Cynthia Gunadi

Poetry: Alison Powell, Alix Anne Shaw, Alyssa Jewell, Art Zilleruelo, Cait Weiss, Caroline Chavatel, Chelsea Dingman, Cheswayo Mphanza, Clare Paniccia, Douglas S. Jones, Ed Bok Lee, Esteban Rodriguez, Gabriel Rubi, Jamaica Baldwin, John Mccarthy, Kara Dorris, Kevin Phan, Kristina Bicher, Lauren Michele Jackson, Lori Lamothe, Lori Wilson, Megan Fernandes, Rage Hezekiah, Rashaad Thomas, S. Marie LaFata-Clay, Sara Biggs Chaney, Skyler LaLone, Willy Palomo

Translation: Maggie Zebracka, Jennifer Kronovet/ Ming Di, Lucian Mattison

Art: Aimee Bungard, Dimitrios Ikonomou, N.S. David, Barbara Martin


Issue 60 Contributors

Cover Art: by Gary Louis

Prose: J.L. Torres, Raymond Luczak, Amy Long, Alexis Stratton

Poetry: Alison Rollins, Dexter Booth, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Justin Phillip-Reed, Danielle Mitchell, Rochelle Hurt, Leslie Sainz, Oscar Mancinas, Bo Schwabacher, Shireen Madon, Peter Murphy, Tanya Grae, Taylor Johnson, Sakinah Hofler, Soeun Seo, Yolanda Franklin, Taneum Bambrick, Canese Jarobe, Glenn Shaheen, Poorna Swami, Peter Covino, Charlie Bondhus, Alejandro Duarte, Kiki Petrosino

Translation: Shen Haobo (Liang Yujing, translator), Kamil Bouska (Ondrej Pazdirek, translator), Amal Sewtohul (Namrata Poddar, translator), Gabriela Mistral (Velma Garcia-Gorena & Kate Berson, translators), Li Qingzhao (Wendy Chen, translator)

Art: Gary Louis, Ben Miller, Dale Williams

Hayden's Ferry Review #59

Issue 59 Contributors

Cover Art: by Kelly Griffith

Prose: Elizabeth McConaghy, Catherine Bell, Sean Campbell, Eric Schlich, Kelly Marages, Courtney Kersten

Poetry: David Greenspan, Daniel Biegelson, Christopher Citro, Julie Henson, Owen McLeod, Jayme Russell, Jim Redmond, Jenni B. Baker, Rachel Mennies, Don Hogle, Gary Soto, Leah Huizar, R. Harris

Translation: Naguib Mahfouz (Annie Weaver, translator), Maram Al-Masri (Hélène Cardona, translator),  José Manuel Caballero (Carmen Morawski, translator), Inna Kabysh (Katherine Young, translator), Lyudmyla Khersonska (Katherine Young, translator), Jacek Dehnel (Karen Kovacik, translator), Marius Burokas (Rimas Uzgiris, translator)

Art: Jennifer Powers, Dave Petraglia, Kelly Griffith, Roger Camp

HFR Cover 58

Issue 58 Contributors

Cover Art: by Hannah Dansie

Prose: Kate Folk, Christopher Merkner, Erin Flanagan, Alexander Weinstein, Molly Tolsky, MR Sheffield

Poetry: Megan Snyder-Camp, Kaveh Akbar, Carol Potter, Brian Diamond, Emily Geminder, Ryo Yamaguchi, Ryan Bonner, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Jennifer Stewart Miller, James Ellenberger, Stewart Gonzales, Michael Lavers, Sarah Ann Winn, Sarah Janczak, Kathleen Heil, Brian Heston, Brian Ma, Ciara Shuttleworth, Boyd Edwards, Nancy Takacs, Katharine Rauk, Tara Isabel Zambrano

International: Kim Yi-deum (Jake Levine & Seo Eunso, translators), Gemma Gorga (Sharon Dolin, translator), zhu zhu (dong li, translator), Lyuba Yakimchuk (Anatoly Kudryavitsky, translator), Rabindranath Tagore (Saquib Rahman & Rita Bullwinkel, translators), Laura Cesarco Eglin (Jesse Lee Kercheval & Catherine Jagoe, translators), Aloysius Bertrand (Linwood Rumney, translator)

Art: Judith Lang and Richard Lang, Hannah Dansie, Jarod Roselló

Interview: Seth Fried

Issue 57

Issue 57 Contributors

Cover Art: by Bobby Neel Adams

Fiction: George Choundas, Erin Kate Ryan, Karin Lin-Greenberg, Rita Bullwinkel, Brian Oliu, Meghan Tifft

Nonfiction: Micah Fields, Ming Holden, Robin McCarthy

Poetry: Molly Sutton Kiefer, Emily Paige Wilson,  Jenny Xie, Svetlana Beggs, Michael Lee, Abigail Chabitnoy, Andrés Cerpa, John Poch, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Peter LaBerge, Tom Wayman, Michael Shewmaker, Megan Mikhail, Lindsay Tigue, Christina Lovin, meg willing, Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, Philip Schaefer, Trey Moody, Juan J. Morales, Tracy May Fuad, Brandon Rushton, Bruce Bond, Adam Houle, Cortney Lamar Charleston,  Josh Rathkamp, Emily Benton, Rick Bursky, Alison Strub, Jake Syersak

Translations: Josué Guébo (Todd Fredson, translator), Rolf Jacobsen (Roger Greenwald, translator)

Singapore Selections: Desmond Kon, Jee Leong Koh, Rodrigo Dela Peña Jr, Joey Chin,  Jerrold Yam, Jennani Durai, Koh Xin Tian, Anurak Saelow, Joshua Ip, Meiko Ko,  Cyril Wong

Art: Robby Long, Paula Morales, Olivia Parkes, Consuelo Underwood, Bobby Neel Adams

Issue 56

Issue 56 Contributors

Cover Art: "Starlight" by Brenton Hamilton

Prose: Megan Mayhew Bergman, Jaclyn Dwyer, Lindsey Drager, Miles Klee, Lisa Locascio, Maia Morgan

Poetry: Gavin Adair, Lindsey D. Alexander, Partridge Boswell, Eric Burger, Lauren Clark, Mary Cisper, Mary-Alice Daniel, Ezra Dan Feldman, Sally Houtman, Alyse Knorr, Calgary Martin, Phoebe Reeves, Courtney Mandryk, Martin Rock, Sam Sax, Kent Shaw, Chris Siteman, Lauren Goodwin Slaughter, Donna Steiner

Translation: Claudia Apablaza (Toshiya Kamei, translator), Medardo Fraile (Margaret Jull Costa, translator), Antoine Volodine (Jeffrey Zuckerman, translator), Abraham Sutzkever (Maia Evrona, translator), Ronald Legrand (Dennis James Sweeney, translator), Sodeh Negintaj (Alireza Taheri Araghi, translator), Imants Ziedonis (Inara Cedrins, translator)

Art: Ron Bimrose, Brenton Hamilton, Forrest Solis

Issue 55

Issue 55 Contributors

Cover Art: "He Loved Her, and Sometimes She Loved Him Too" by Samantha Sweeting

Prose: Kendra Atleework, Matthew Baker, Mel Bosworth, Blair Hurley, Misha Rai, Jeanne Wagner

Poetry: John C. Bennett, Simeon Berry, Moriah Cohen, Matthew Reed Corey, Carol V. Davis, Jeanine Deibel, Norman Dubie, Cody Ernst, CJ Evans, Shawn Fawson, Michael Homolka, Chris Hutchinson, Brad Johnson, Len Krisak, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Michael Meyerhofer, Patrick Milian, Jim Natal, Kevin Phan, Ben Purkert, Sarah Pemberton Strong, T.N. Turner, Mark Wagenaar

Translation: Nancy Naomi Carlson [Abdourahman Waberi], Alex Cigale [Amarsana Ulzytuev], Margaret Jull Costa [Enrique Vila-Matas], Anatoly Kudryavitsky and Yulia Kudryavitskaya [Annette Hagermann], Clyde Moneyhun [Maria-Mercè Marçal], Carlos Hernández Peña [Juan Luis Martínez], Colin Rorrison [Rubem Fonseca], Chris Tamigi [Mauro Covacich]

Art: Anastasia Cazabon, France Scully and Mark Osterman, Samantha Sweeting, Lori Vrba

Issue 54

Issue 54 Contributors

Cover Art: "Mirrors" by Seba Kurtis

Poetry: Brent Armendinger, Ross Losapio, Darin Ciccotelli, Oliver Bendorf, Jane Wong, Doug Ramspeck, Monica Berlin, Michael Marberry, Devon Branca, Ines Pujos, Ryan J. Browne, Beth Marzoni, David McLoghlin, Dave Nielsen, J. Jerome Cruz, BJ Soloy, Kevin Phan, Alex Chertok, Maggie Colvett

Fiction: Daniel Hornsby, John Picard, Dawna Kemper, Seth Fried, Roya Khatiblou, Mike Meginnis

Nonfiction: B. J. Hollars, J. D. Lewis

International selections: Vincenzo Cardarelli (Martin Bennett, translator), Rumena Buzarovska (Will Firth, translator), Kimberly Blaeser (Margaret Noodin, translator), Kim Myung Won (EJ Koh, translator), Suzanne Jacob (J. T. Townley, translator), Mary Lily Phinney (Michael Wasson & Harold Crook, translators), Igor Isakovski (Will Firth, translator)

Art: Mariana Lerner, Alexander Apóstol, Judith Joy Ross, Alberto Goldenstein, Arturo Soto, Seba Kurtis, Peter Holzhauer

Issue 53

Issue 53 Contributors

Cover Art: "Untitled 25" (detail 2) by Carlos Jiménez Cahua

Poetry: Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, Staci R. Schoenfeld, Brian Tierney, Michael C. Peterson, John James, Michael Bazzett, Sandy Longhorn, Grace Bauer, Matt Morton, Christopher Kempf, Ray McManus, Benjamin Goldberg, Brandon Amico, Leslie Morris, Angela Voras-Hills, Lisa Hiton, Trent Nutting, P. Ivan Young, Mary Ellen Ballard, Michelle Turner, C Dylan Bassett, Emma Sovich, Geffrey Davis, Montreux Rotholtz, Spencer Wise, Brianna Noll, Sandra Simonds

Fiction: Matthew Baker, Carol Guess & Kelly Magee, Michael Malan, Ruth Joffre, John Holliday, J. A. Tyler, Lucas Southworth

Nonfiction: Tim Keppel, Chelsea Biondolillo

International selections: Efraín Bartolomé (translated by Kevin Brown), Gonçalo M. Tavares (translated by Rhett McNeil), Patricio Pron (translated by Kathleen Heil), Yousef el Qedra (translated by Yasmin Snounu, Edward Morin & George Khoury), Kristín Eiríksdóttir (translated by Christopher Burawa), Kim Kyung Ju (translated by Jung Hi-Yeon & Jake Levine), Zakariya Amataya (translated by Cutter Streeby), Edmundo Paz Soldán (translated by Kirk Nesset), Maria Alekhina of Pussy Riot (translated by Anatoly Kudryavitsky)

AWP Intro Award: Kelsey Ronan (fiction), Danielle Weeks (poetry)

Art: Carlos Jiménez Cahua (cover), Scott Conarroe, Gabriela Vainsencher, Sasha Bezzubov & Jessica Sucher, Karolina Karlic, Chris Engman, Soledad Manrique

Interview: Gabriela Vainsencher

Issue 52

Issue 52 Contributors

Cover Art: Horseback Through Car Window by Carolyn Drake

Poetry: Caitlin Bailey, Evan Beaty, Alice Bolin, Katy Chrisler, Todd Davis, Kwame Dawes, Dorian Geisler, Bradley Harrison, Suzanne Marie Hopcroft, Amorak Huey, Jill Khoury, L.S. Klatt, James Henry Knippen, Shara Lessley, Michel Lynch, Kyle McCord, John A. Nieves, Laura Read, Shane Seely, Laurie Sewall, Max Somers, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Alexandra Teague, Jon Thompson, Kara van de Graaf, Christopher Watkins

Fiction: Becky Hagenston, Susan L. Lin, David James Poissant, Zana Previti, Young Rader, Daniel Wessler Riordan, David Ryan, Aparna Sanyal, Lydia Ship

Nonfiction: Kate Russell

Photography: Roger Ballen, Caleb Charland, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Daniel W. Coburn, Carolyn Drake

International: Ana Luísa Amaral (translated by Margaret Jull Costa), Rubem Fonseca (translated by Colin Rorrison), David Leo García (translated by Mark C. Aldrich & Margaret Frolich), Teolinda Gersão (translated by Margaret Jull Costa), Antonio Machado (translated by Nicholas Friedman), Luna Miguel (translated by Jeremy Spencer), Luis García Montero (translated by Anna Rosen Guercio), Eider Rodriguez (translated by Nere Lete)

Issue 51

Issue 51 Contributors

Cover Art: Caril Ann, Tear-Stained by Christian Patterson

Poetry: Justin Bendell, Monica Berlin, John Bonanni, Traci Brimhall, Inara Cedrins, Colleen Coyne, Caleb Curtiss, Denise Duhamel, Carrie Etter, Julie Funderburk, Crystal S. Gibbins, Sara Michas-Martin, Beth Marzoni, Janet McNally, Matthew Minicucci, Rosalie Moffett, Mangesh Naik, Kimberly O’Connor, Kasey Erin Phifer, Emilia Phillips, Liz Robbins, Brynn Saito, Purvi Shah, Sam Taylor, Corey Van Landingham, Marcus Wicker

Fiction: James Brubaker, Judith Edelman, Stephen G. Eoannou, Caitlin Horrocks, Leyna Krow, Kirsty Logan, Charles McLeod, Adam Peterson, Vincent Scarpa

Nonfiction: Silas Hansen, Toni Mirosevich

Photography: Olivia Arthur, Léonie Hampton, Michael Lundgren, Paula McCartney, Christian Patterson, Chad States

International: Mikhail Aizenberg (translated by J. Kates), Elena Alexieva, Kristin Dimitrova, Ferida Duraković (translated by Celia Hawkesworth), Miha Mazinni (translated by Gregor Timothy Čeh), Nichita Stănescu (translated by Sean Cotter),

AWP Intro Award Winners: Joe Aguilar, Matthew London


Issue 50 Contributors

Cover Art: "History's Shadow GM3" by David Maisel

Prose: Sarah Marshall, Tess Allard, Aurelia Wills, Adam McOmber, Victoria Lancelotta, Ashton Lynn Marie Goodman with Melissa Pritchard, Brandon Davis Jennings, Shavonne Clarke, Rolli, Matthew Vollmer, Michael Leone, Philip Tate, Joe Meno, Robert Leonard Reid, Liz Prato, Martha Andrews Donovan (Austumn E. Monsees, photographer)

Poetry: Diane LeBlanc, Melanie Jordan, Sarah Vap, Christopher Ankney, Elena Tomorowitz, Richie Hofmann, Emily Carr, Michael Martin Shea, Matthew Gavin Frank, Nick McRae, H.L. Spelman, David Troupes, Doug Ramspeck, Gregory Donovan, Danielle Shutt, Keith Montesano, James Harms, Carrie Shipers, Karen Biscopink, Claudia McQuistion, Kevin Powers, Bruce Bond, Nasir Sakandar, Stanley Plumly, Anne Barngrover, Rachael Lyon, Lea Marshall, Meg Thompson, Sara Gelston, Chanel Clarke, Myron Ernst, Mary Beth Ferda, Buddy Wakefield, Kerrin McCadden, Alex Lemon, Michael Mlekoday, Liz Ahl, Claudia Cortese, Mark Jarman

Translation: S.C. Delaney and Agnes Potier, Tony Duvert, Cynthia Hogue and Sylvain Gallais, Nicole Brossard, Jay Rubin, Haruki Murakami, Katerina Iliopoulou, Edward Smallfield and Vassilis Manoussakis, Baalu Girma, Eric Gottesman and Yawoinshet Masresha

Art: Anthony Goicolea, Hiroshi Watanabe, David Maisel, Simon Norfolk, Kris Sanford, Eric Gottesman

Interview: Holly Hall

Writer Artifacts: Aimee Bender, Elizabeth Graver, Ilya Kaminsky, Jim Shepard, H.E. Francis, Michael Martone, Susann Cokal, Stanley Plumly, G.C. Waldrep

Issue 49

Issue 49 Contributors

Cover Art: Tiana. From “A New Kind of Beauty” by Phillip Toledano

Fiction: Sean Adams, Maggie Ruth Anderson, Susann Cokal, H.E. Francis, Mindy Friddle, Lauren Foss Goodman, Hiba Krisht, Zana Previti

Poetry: Tory Adkisson, Emily August, Jasmine V. Bailey, Joe Betz, Malachi Black, Christopher Burawa, Caroline Cahill, Norman Dubie, David Ebenbach, Phil Estes, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Natalie Giarratano, Heather June Gibbons, Anna Claire Hodge, Saeed Jones, Lisa Kang, Marianne Kunkel, Christopher Lirette, Patricia Lockwood, Taylor Mali, Clay Matthews, John A. Nieves, Darlene Pagan, John Repp, Corinna Rosendahl, Maggie Smith, Nick Sturm, Lesley Wheeler, Johnathon Williams

Essay: Sandra Allen

International: Amal al-Jubouri (translated by Rebecca Gayle Howell and Husam Qaisi), Jacek Gutorow (translated by Piotr Florczyk), Vladimir Kozlov (translated by Andrea Gregovich), Lan Lan (translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain), Paulius Norvila (translated by Rimis Uzgiris), C.F. Ramuz (translated by Michelle-Bailat-Jones), Olga Tokarczuk (translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones), Eugenia Toledo (translated by Carolyne Wright), Jan Wagner (translated by Chenxin Jiang)

Interview: Matthew Baker interviews Michael Martone, Sean Patrick Hill interviews G.C. Waldrep

Art: Robin Schwartz, Sage Sohier, Phillip Toledano


Issue 48 Contributors

Cover Art: "Cairn, Spitsbergen 2003" by Christian Houge

Prose: Anne Valente, Luke Geddes, Naomi Benaron, Robert Warwick, Michael Powers, Meagan Cass 

Poetry: Keith Leonard, Heidi Hart, Mary Angelino, Hannah Sanghee Park, S.E. Smith, Janine Joseph, Mario Chard, Patrick Ryan Frank, Jen Jabaily-Blackburn, Patricia Lockwood, Brian Dickson, Nicole Cullen, Evan Harrison, Shayok Chowdhury, Lisa Fay Coutley, Rachel Mennies, William Kelley Woolfitt, Diya Chaudhuri, Kevin Weidner, Holly Simonsen, Donika Ross, Mary Quade, Jacques J. Rancourt, Sarah J. Sloat, J. Scott Brownlee, Jason Labbe, Susanna Childress

Translation: Perhat Tursun (Joshua L. Freeman, translator), Mario Materassi, Ronny Someck (Robert Manaster & Hana Inbar, translators), Juan Gelman (Lisa Rose Bradford, translator), Mario Benedetti (Harry Morales, translator), Anna Piwkowska (Iza Wojciechowska, translator), Janis Einfelds (Inara Cedrins, translator)

Special Section - Short Forms: Kevin McIlvoy, Darryl Joel Berger, Anne Earney, Tara L. Masih, Sally Bellerose, Katie Farris, Chidelia Edochie, Julie Thi Underhill, Michele Ruby, Krista Eastman, Carmen Lau, Emma Hine, Jamison Crabtree, Simeon Berry, Michael Brooks Cryer, Michael Meyerhofer, Chad Sweeney, Caroline Clocksiem, Erika Eckart, Pierre Peuchmaurd (E.C. Belli, translator)

Art: Jacob Aue Sobol, Catherine Larré, Viviane Sassen, Harvey Stein, Christian Houge, Scott Alan Cox, Roger Ballen, Angela Strassheim

Interview: Caleb Powell interviews Eula Biss

Responses to Cover Image: Elizabeth Graver, Jeremy Allan Hawkins


Issue 47

Issue 47 Contributors

Cover Art: Snow Day by Julie Blackmon

Fiction: Alan Stewart Carl, Natalia Cortes Chaffin, Tamar Jacobs, Adam Johnson, Anthony Varallo, M.X. Wang, Nicholas White

Poetry: Jenna Bazzell, Josh Booton, Elizabeth Breese, Sue Burton, Darin Ciccotelli, Christina Cook, T. Zachary Cotler, Liz Countryman, Carol Davis, Trish Dugger, Stephanie Ford, Russ Franklin, Eddie Gonzalez Jr., Luke Johnson, Anna Journey, Josh Kalscheur, Patricia Lockwood, Rhonda Lott, Greg Mahrer, Siwar Masannat, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Michael Meyerhofer, Rebekah Remington, Kate Sweeney, Chuck Tripi, Mimi Vaquer, Jody Zorgdrager

International: Amang (translated by Steven Bradbury), Vahe Arsen (translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian), Steinar Bragi (translated by Salka Gudmundsdottir), Cheran (translated by Lakshmi Holmström), Dorothea Rosa Herliany (translated by Harry Aveling)

Interview: Noah Tucker interviews Adam Johnson, Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum  interviews Benjamin Percy

Art: Julie Blackmon, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Michal Chelbin, Claudine Doury, Rena Effendi, Jocelyn Lee, Ellen Rennard, Hellen van Meene, Susan Worsham


Issue 41 Contributors

Cover Art: "Father & Daughter, New Orleans" by Will Steacy

Prose: Sarah Gerkensmeyer, Francine Witte, Tara Warman, Kasandra Duthie, Samantha Levy, Phillip Gardner, Alexandra Leake, Sean Padraic McCarthy 

Poetry: Jericho Brown, Arra Lynn Ross, Eric Burger, Bryan Walpert, Katherine Bode-Lang, Radames Ortiz, Amanda Rachelle Warren, Ryder Collins, Dan Pinkerton, Derek Sheffield, Nick Bacon, Megan Harlan, Karen Kevorkian, Joe Hall, Katy Didden, Nancy K. Pearson, Josie Sigler, Jason Olsen, Daneen Bergland, Danielle Hanson, L.K. Leu, Marsha Kroll, TaraShea Nesbit, Jacob Boyd, Brooke Parks, Lisa Maria Martin

Translation: Itō Hiromi (Jeffrey Angles, translator), Ch’oe Such’ǒl (Bruce & Ju-Chan Fulton, translators), Zhai Yongming (Andrea Lingenfelter, translator)

Art: Anna Bogatin, Tracy Longley-Cook, Matthew Shain, Will Steacy, Meg Madison

AWP Intro Journals Award: Craig Blais


Issue 40 Contributors

Cover Art: "East Porch Stucco Spider" by Cristine McConnell

Prose: Christian Winn, Jocelyn Cullity, Will Curl, Paul Levine, Jessica Hollander, Zane Kotker

Poetry: Andrew Grace, Jonathan Johnson, Eva Hooker, Ryo Yamaguchi, Christina Olson, Roy Jacobstein, Maria Hummel, Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Neil de la Flor, B. J. Best, Susan Goslee, Rachel Mortiz, Denise Duhamel, David Siegel, Glenn Sheldon, Jai Chakrabarti, Gwendolyn Knapp

Translation: Liliana Ursu (Mihaela Moscaliuc & Michael Waters, translators), Carmelia Leonte (Mihaela Moscaliuc & Michael Waters, translators), Amir Gilboa (Jeff Friedman & Nati Zohar, translators), Yocheved Bat-Miriam (Jeff Friedman & Nati Zohar, translators), Paulo Henriques Britto (Idra Novey, translator), Hsia Yü (Steven Bradbury, translator), Ye Mimi (Steven Bradbury, translator)

Art: Adam Holtzman, Christine McConnell, Joseph Mougel, Mary Hood, Leigh Merrill, Samuel T. Adams, Ryan G. Widger


Issue 38 Contributors

Cover Art: "Untitled fish #1 from the Little Deaths Series" by Christopher Colville

Prose: Teresa Milbrodt, Luke Lindley, Paige Kaltsas

Poetry: Rigoberto González, Jeff Gundy, Dilruba Ahmed, Carole Simmons Oles, Bradford Gray Telford, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Darin Ciccotelli

International: Henry Oso Quintero

Art: Anna Bogatin, Tracy Longley-Cook, Matthew Shain, Will Steacy, Meg Madison

Interview: Brian Leary and Diana Park interview Dave Smith 

Special Section—Modern Magic

Fiction: Michael Czyzniejewski, Deborah Gerlach Klaus

Poetry: David Hernandez, George Kalamaras, Megan Snyder-Camp, Deborah Wardlaw Pattillo

Art: Christopher Colville, Melaine & Michelle Craven, Melanie Craven, Linda Elvira Piedra, Tom Wagner, Carol Granger


Issue 37

Issue 37 Contributors

Cover Art: "Cage, 1999" by Elijah Gowin

Fiction: Robin Kish, Matthew Cricchio, Kevin McIlvoy, Antonia Garza

Poetry: Peggy Shumaker, William E. Dudley, Jennifer Tonge, Chris Abani, Stephanie Harrison, Jorn Ake, Katerina Ettlerová, Michael McGriff, Britta Ameel, Alberto Ríos, David Lee, Jane Ellen Glasser, Jane Springer

International: Hoàng Hung, Christopher Burawa, Jóhann Hjálmarsson

Art: Jennifer Drucker, Elijah Gowin, Michael J. Marshall, Linda Pearson

Interview: W. Todd Kaneko, Soren G. Palmer, Lena Bertone Rosenfield interview Charles Baxter

Issue 34

Issue 34 Contributors

Cover Art: "Progression of Color and Light at Sunset" by James Turrell

Fiction: Drew Perry, Forrest Ashby, Robin Hemley, Tracy Winn, Barbara Nelson, J. Erin Sweeney

Poetry: Matthew Heil, David J. Daniels, Kevin Stein, Chase Twichell, Sommer Browning, David St. John, Mike Lowe, Daneen Wardrop, Natalie Lyalin, Maureen Seaton, Lauren Goodwin, Brian Hayler, Linda Jenkins, Frank Paino, Jonathan Wells, Cody Walker, C.F. Kimball, Becka Mara McKay, Mike Dockins, C.D. Wright, Matt Shears

Interviews: Christoper Burawa interviews David St. John, Valerie Vadala Homer interviews James Turrell, Charles Jensen & Sarah Vap interview C.D. Wright

International: Lidija Dimkovska (Ljubica Arsovska & Margaret Reid, translators), Liliana Ursu (Sean Cotter, translator)

Art: Florian Holzherr, James Turrell

Issue 33

Issue 33 Contributors

Cover Art: "The Butterflies Constantine" by Joe Sorren

Fiction: Gretchen Comba, George McCormick, Kevin Grauke

Poetry: Jennifer Currin, Jonathan Hartt, Alison Stine, Shirley Stephenson, Richard Jackson, Sara Hurley, Joshua Beckman, Tomaz Salamun, Kathleen Flenniken, Lisa Roullard, Richard Garcia, Cynthia Hogue, Jenn Keller, Chad Woody, Kirun Kapur, Jennifer Willoughby, Lori Davis, Roy Jacobstein, Norman Dubie, Agne Zagrakalyte, Jurgila Butkyte, Martin Ott

Essay: Paul Crenshaw

Interviews: Kyla Foutch, Josie Milliken & Elizabeth Weld interview Brett Lott, Hershman R. John interviews Stan Lee

Art: Enrique Chagoya, Phillip C. Curtis, M. DuBose, Deborah Whitehouse, Kate Breakey, Carrie Mae Weems, Doug & Mike Starn, Brandon Huigens

Issue 32

Issue 32 Contributors

Cover Art: "Dark Angel Delight" by Reiko Imoto

Fiction: Julie Hensley, Michael Guerra, Michael Davis, Matthew Hobson

Poetry: David Wojahn, Douglas Blazek, Oliver Rice, W.T. Pfefferle, Albert Goldbarth, Patrick Oh, Chris Forhan, Laura Weaver, Jill Osier, Ryan Williams, Edgar Silex, Kimberly Burwick, Christof Scheele, Steven Rood, Paul Guest

Interviews: Michael Cunningham (interviewed by Kate Petersen), David Wojahn (interviewed by Matthew Jolly)

Special Section - Sublimation: Eric Pankey, Emily Matyas, Heidi Czerwiec Blitch, Jan Lee Ande, Ander Monson, Anderson Wrangle, Anthony Tognazzini, Tom Whalen, Jim Elledge, Miles Waggener, Reiko Imoto, Robert Krul, Steve Langan, Amanda Yskamp, Anne Shaw

Issue 31

Issue 31 Contributors

Cover Art: "Cracked Windshield, 2001" by Christian Widmer

Fiction: Christian Michener, Tricia Yost, Alison Umminger, George Rabasa, Ron Carlson

Nonfiction: Daniela Gioseffi, Ira Sukrungruang, Alana Brussin

Poetry: Laura Didyk, Sylvia Legris, Jason Labbe, Kris Christensen, Claudia Keelan, Norman Dubie, James Grinwis, Laura Johnson, Patricia Goedicke, Jonathan Johnson, Tim Earley, Ronald Wallace, Marlys West, Frank A. Montesonti, Joel Brouwer, Mark Yakich, Matthew Byrne,

Art: Todd Jokl, Christian Widmer, Karen Bucher, Kathleen Robbins, Dana Fritz

Special Section - Flash Fiction: Christopher Chambers, Steve Price, Lex Williford, Steve Heller, Michael Martone


Issue 30 Contributors

Cover Art: "The State I Am In" by Jane Almirall

Prose: Robert Boswell, Elizabeth Wetmore, Meg Giles, Claire Tristram, Jennifer Currin

Poetry: Jane Miller,  Ralph Angel, Fady Joudah, Mark Levine, Tom Williams, Jeff McRae, Mary-Catherine Ferguson, Linda Pastan, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Miguel Murphy, Russell Edson, Jennifer Chapis, Jay Baron Nicorvo, Christopher Janke, David Lawrence, Michalle Gould, Basil Cleveland

Art: Andrea Modica, Andrew Higley, Kristen Stolle, Angie Buckley, Jane Almirall

Special Section - Writing the Environment: Julie Hensley & Bill Martin, Tom Keough, Tess Gallagher, Josie Gray & Tess Gallagher, Anthony Farrington, A.D. Guisinger, Stefi Weisburd, Rachael Perry, Dick George, Deborah K. McCutchen, Doreen Perrine, David John Zaido, Alison Barnes, Robert Renfrow, Robert Johnson Jr.


Issue 29 Contributors

Cover Art: "Ball 2" by Bob Carey

Prose: Michael Poore, Simon Van Booy, Kathryn Kulpa, Susan Scheid, Jennifer Davis, Mike Fulton, Christopher McIlroy, Lizanne Minerva, Coral Smart

Poetry: Larissa Szporluk, Pain Not Bread, Laura L. Jensen, Jennifer Chang, Kazim Ali, David B. Tomasovitch, Brenda Hillman, Wayne Koestenbaum, Suzanne Hancock, K. Alma Peterson, Sarah Elisabeth Freeman, Elizabeth Hildreth, Rane Arroyo, Dora Malech, Colleen J, McElroy, Lana Moussa, Barbara Siegel Carlson, Maria Grande-Conley, Julie Babcock, Thomas David Lisk, Sascha Feinstein, Andrea England

Art: Christine Sandifur, Matthew Muth, Bob Carey, Susan kae Grant, Aline Smithson

Interview: Jennifer Spiegel interviews Douglas Coupland

AWP Intro Journals Award: Christian Horlick, Mackenzie Lynn Carignan, Julia French, Brandon Shimoda

Prentice Hall Student Writing Contest: Erin Elkins, Kevin Clouther


Issue 26 Contributors

Cover Art: "Bottom Landing" by Ken Karagozian

Fiction: Chad Unrein, David Shields

Nonfiction: Peter Rennick, Jerry WIlliams

Poetry: Maidi L. Terry, Jean Valentine, Leila Wilson, Robin Becker, Sofia M. Starnes, Stuart Dischell, Jeff Halbert, Mary Baron, Peter Rennick, Scott Topper, Maura Stanton, Joyce Sutphen, Matthew Lippman, Steve Price, Linda Gregg, Michol Stout, Leslie Ullman, Jay Schneiders, Tim Seibles

Art: Rosemary Powelson, Blair Rainey

Special Section - Images of Labor: Jos Sances, Walter Bargen, Luisa Villani, Debra Marquart, Robert Specter, E. Michael Desilets, Sherry Fairchok, Oliver de la Paz, Stella Pope Duarte, Michelle Valois, Hayan Charara, Vivian Shipley, Ken Karagozian, Gary Buslik, Luis Urrea


Issue 25 Contributors

Cover Art: "Season Promotion Poster for American Players Theater" by the Planet Design Company

Fiction: Chris Fink, Ann Cummins, Cynthia Anderson, Dennis McFadden, David Peterson, Robert Wilder

Poetry: Vandana Khanna, Simon Perchik, Cullen Bailey Burns, Lisa Yanover, Michael Burkard, Rob Cook, Maurice Manning, Bob Hicok, Jane Hirshfield, Virgil Suarez, Forrest Hamer, Laura Jensen, Rebecca Aronson, Marta Boswell, Michael Murray, Jeff Hardin, Dale M. Kushner, D. Nurkse, Michael Dumanis, Matt Shindell, Patricia Ann Nagy, Michael Van Walleghen, Joshua Corey

Art: Kevin Bradley, Jos Sances, Mare Blocker, Jim Sherraden, Silver Buckle Press, Planet Design Company

Prentice Hall Student Writing Contest: Corinna Vallianatos, Mary L. Tabor, Meredith Mundy Wasinger, Lora Lyn Worden, Lidia Torres, Michael Pauly


Issue 23 Contributors

Cover Art: "Family Affair" by Rachel Davis

Fiction: Rick Bass, Allyson Stack, Brad Vice, Rubén Degollado, Gina Ochsner

Poetry: Lisa May Giles, Peter Rennick, R. Okuaki Lieber, Devon Miller-Duggan, Alessandra J. Lynch, Michael David Madonick, Linda Bieler, Douglas Goetsch, Joseph O. Legaspi. Kristin Bock, Jeff Mock, Katherine Riegel, David Rigsbee, Christopher Chambers, Theodore Kiesselbach, Jean Valentine, Tony Whedon, Kristine Somerville, Alpay Ulku, Lia Purpura, Julia Wendell, Jackie Bartley, Laurie Blauner, Sarah Gail Johnson, Lyn Lifshin, Terry Ann Thaxton, Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, M. Rebecca Random, Lisa Oram, Nick Barrett, Maria Luisa Cariño, Oliver Francisco de la Paz

Art: Erica Van Horn, Karen Kunc, Judy Youngblood, KAKE, Sheila Pitt

Interviews: Susan Hood interviews Jean Valentine, Tim Hohmann interviews Rick Moody

AWP Intro Journals Award-Winners: Sheryl Lynn Grant, Carrie Jerrell, Nevada Jane Hanners, Jon Hoyt, Brenda Volk



Issue 19 Contributors

Cover Art: "Changing Buses" by David Chorlton

Fiction: Natalia Rachel Singer, Reed Karaim, Keith Lee Morris, Jim Lyddane

Poetry: Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Jamie Rose, Julia Beach, Michael Paul Thomas, Doren Robbins, Jennifer Grotz, Laura Lee Washburn, Brittney Corrigan, Carol Smith, Maximilian Werner, Robert Funge, Peter Jacobs

Art: Elaine Querry, Dick George, D. LuAnn Brandt, Debi Scott, Mike Williams, Rose Johnson, Donald Lee, Scott Chadwick

Special Section - Ten Years: Finding the Words

Fiction: Valerie Miner, Rick Bass, Christopher Danowski, Catherine Ryan Hyde

Poetry: George Looney, Jeff Hardin, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Alison Deming, Jeannine Savard, Peggy Shumaker, Holly Welker, Alberto Ríos, Ron Carlson, Yusef Komunyakaa, Naomi Shihab Nye, Dinah Berland, Edward Haworth Hoeppner, Steven Ford Brown

Art: Mark Klett

Issue 18

Issue 18 Contributors

Cover Art: "Electromagnetism" by Jan Dove

Fiction: Mat Coffey, Joe Taylor, Lynda C. Olman

Poetry: Gary Soto, Belle Waring, Timothy Houghton, Rob Content, Jeannine Savard, Erika Mailman, Robert McKay, Michael Finley, James Wyshynski, D.J. Smith, Susan Luzzaro, April Ossmann, Maureen Micus Crisick, Aliza Einhorn, Neil Shepard, David Keplinger, Jean Valentine

Art: Mahara Sinclaire, Rod Laursen, AnnMarie Adonyi, Charles Schmalz, Clint Brown, Maria Therese Downey, Jan Dove, Barbara Milman

Interviews: David Appell interviews T. Coraghessan Boyle, Patricia Murphy interviews Gary Soto


Issue 16 Contributors

Cover Art: "Internal Inferno" by Susan Holefelder

Fiction: Steve Heller, Thomas Legendre, Craig Lesley, Michael Bugeja, Robert Stubblefield

Poetry: Roger Mitchell, Marvin Bell, Ali Yuce, George Looney, Dennis Schmitz, Rick Madigan, Ruth Moose, Edward Haworth-Hoeppner, L.M. Abbey, Carolyn Alessio, Edward Kleinschmidt, Vivian Shipley

Art: Richard Daehnert, Gina Meyer, Ezshwan, Joe Tyler, Jeff Ward

Interviews: Nick Norwood interviews Andrew Hudgins

Issue 15

Issue 15 Contributors

Cover Art: "Other Spaces-Chaos, 1994" by Misako Akimoto

Fiction: Valerie Jeremijenko, Kevin Phelan and Bill U'Ren, Kristin Scott, Eric Chilton, Natalia Rachel Singer

Poetry: Charles Freeland, Gary Short, George Kalamaras, Dianna Henning, Max Westler, Jonathan Johnson, Stephen Gibson, Lee Upton, Jeff Hardin, David Prisk, Rick Bursky, Sascha Feinstein, Judith Nichols, Kevin McIlvoy, Jennifer Moss, Gary Thompson, L. E. Bryan, Lisa Fishman, Rick Hill, Elinor Benedict, Ellin Carter

Art: Flicka McGurrin, Misako Akimoto, Nicolette Ausschnitt, Tara Mackintosh, Gerald Thorp

Interview: Erika Lenz and Jonathan Schouten interview Marvin Bell

Issue 14

Issue 14 Contributors

Cover Art: "Dining Series #5, 1987" by Martha E. Branner

Fiction: James English, David Staudt, A.D. Ross, Lupe Solis Jr., Tim Winton

Poetry: Ion Mircea, Jay Ladin, Brian C. Avery, Christopher Sindt, Jay Griswold, Kevin Bowen, Yusef Komunyakaa, Talvikki Ansel, Jennifer Call, Margaret Almon, James Harms, Christine Hume, G. Travis Regier, Geoffrey Nutter, David Rivard, Luke Trent, Khaled Mattawa

Art: Andrea Zuill, Chris Kidd, Janice Wong, Richard A. White, Vicki Sherrill, Howard Steinberg, Carole C. Quam

Interview: Ruth Ellen Kocher interviews Alison Hawthorne Deming

Essay/Review: Rick Madigan

Issue 13

Issue 13 Contributors

Cover Art: "Net, 1993" by Clare Verstegen

Fiction: Dorian Gossy, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Kathleen de Azevedo, Dalia Pagani-Liddiard

Poetry: Steven Sherrill, Kirsten Smith, Kathleen Lignell, Ralph Sneeden, J.D. Scrimgeour, Lia Purpura, Simon Perchik, Brad Richard, Don Boes, Scott Owens, Leilani Wright, Mannette Ansay, Rob Content, Tawni Toth, Jane Satterfield, Micheal Bowden, Deirdre O' Connor, Bonny Barry Sanders, B.Z. Niditch, Dana Curtis, Margaret Robison

Art: Andrea Zuill, Martina M. Shenal, Clare Verstegen

Essay: Melissa Pritchard, Luis Alberto Urrea

Interviews: Elizabeth McNeil and Marilyn Benedict interview Clare Verstegen, Tracy Trefethen and Kelleen Zubick interview Lynn Emanuel


Issue 12 Contributors

Cover Art: "Time Zones" by David Iles

Fiction: Diza Sauers, Bruce Upbin, Robert Hill Long, Cassandra Hemenway, Sergio Gabriel Waisman

Poetry: Naomi Shihab Nye, Jed Allen, John Bradley, David Lee, Dinah Berland, Alison H. Deming, Elizabeth McNeil, Jefferson Adams, Thomas Centolella, Jeff Hardin, Ioanna-Veronika Warwick, Holly Welker, Judith Nichols-Orians, Dale M. Kushner, Rodney Wittwer

Essays: Vivian Gornick, Jeanne E. Clark, Gary Paul Nabhan, Paul Morris, Alison H. Deming, Susan J. Tweit

Art: Ellen Stoepel Peckham, Rebecca Ross, Deana Duncan

Interviews: Elizabeth McNeil and Marilyn Benedict interview Clare Verstegen, Tracy Trefethen and Kelleen Zubick interview Lynn Emanuel


Issue 11 Contributors

Cover Art: "Ash Avenue Bridge at Sunrise 1-4-91" by Craig Smith

Fiction: Valerie Miner, Susan Volchok, Cynthia Payne, John Foster, Kirk Nesset

Poetry: David St. John, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Margaret Robison, James Scruton, Gregory Donovan, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Daniel Lusk, Karen Zealand, Benjamin I. Abagyeh, Kelly Sievers, Delphine D. Andersen, James Lineberger, Mark Vinz, Peter Imsdahl, Jeffrey Loo, Margaret Mackinnon, Dana Weimer, Michael Carrino, John Sullivan, Danilo Lopez, Amy Clark Haden, Mark Irwin, Tanure Ojaide

Essays: Valerie Miner, Scott Herzer, Daneen Jenks

Interview: Julius Olusola Sokenu interviews David St. John 

Issue 10

Issue 10 Contributors

Cover Art: "(After Degas), Detroit 1985 and Ray Metzger, Upstate New York, 1978" by Dave Heath

Fiction: Brenda Coultas, M.S. Willis, Charles Wyatt, Christopher Danowski, Daniel Stern

Poetry: Jean Valentine, Jay Schneiders, Geraldine Connolly, Judita Vaiciunaite (translated by Stuart Freibert), Viktoria Skrupskelis, Miriam Sagan, Katherine Sullivan, Joan Logghe, Mary Gannon

Essay: William Kittredge, Yusef Komunyakaa, Rudolfo Anaya, Judith Oritz Cofer

Art: Allen Ginsberg, Dave Heath

Interview: Judith Clayton Van interviews Ken Kesey

Issue 7

Issue 7 Contributors

Cover Art: "Double Grave, 1989" Courtesy of Lisa Sette Gallery

Fiction: Gloria Naylor, Dinty W. Moore, Katharine Coles, Jeffery Ford, Susann Cokal, Sharon Christenson, Deborah Bayer, Jeffrey Sacks

Poetry: Jeannine Savard, Gary Thompson, Mary Granata, Chip Dameron, D. Nurkse, Charles Coyle, Philip Sterling, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Cecile Goding, Joan Fiset, Juliet Crichton, Karen Bowden, Eva Heisler, Janice Lynch, Richard Long, Jed Allen

Art: Dan Collins, Arnaldo Roche Rabell, Lewis Alquist, Holly Roberts, Dana Salvo, Marie Navarre, Roy DeForest

Interviews: Mary Aleta White interviews Gloria Naylor

Issue 6

Issue 6 Contributors

Cover Art: "My mother posing for me, Palm Springs, California, 1984" by Larry Sultan

Fiction: Chuck Rosenthal, Gary Fincke, Tara Masih, Richard Ploetz, Laura Ellen Scott, Susan Benjamin

Poetry: Joy Harjo, Peggy Shumaker, Sara Harrell, David St. John, Maura Stanton, Charles Casey Martin, Cynthia Hogue, Christopher Davis, Diane Kirsten-Martin, Quinton Duval, Sharon Bryan, Diane Glancy

Art: Jim Stone, Jim Goldberg, David Fisk, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Michael Spano

Interview: Sharyn Stever interviews Joy Harjo

Issue 5

Issue 5 Contributors

Cover Art: "La Bete (The Beast), 1989" by Joel-Peter Witkin

Fiction: T. M. McNally, Nick Spruance, Alison Baker, Stephen Dunning

Poetry: Ai, Tom Sexton, Anne Carroll Fowler, Morrie Warshawski, Lisa Shannon, Nancy Johnson, Fran Adler, David Lee, Stephen Joseph Jackson, Naomi Clark, Sharon Olinka, Douglas Myers, Robert Ward, Denise Lichtig, John Bradley, Gerald Barrax, Peggy Shumaker

Art: Shomei Tomatsu, Joel-Peter Witkin, Gwen Akin, Allan Ludwig

Essay: Rick Bass

Interview: Catherine French, Rebecca Ross and Gary Short interview Ai

Issue 4

Issue 4 Contributors

Cover Art: "Self Image in Cochiti Lake, 1978" by Anne Noggle

Fiction: Bob Schacochis, Renee A. Ashley, Jeffrey Ford, Phillip McNally, Pauline Mortensen

Poetry: Richard Robbins, Frank Stewart, Quinton Duval, Naomi Wallace, Leigh Kirkland, Janice Dabney, Donnell Hunter, Rick Alley, Boyer Rickel, Amy Slaven, Brian Young, Sheila E. Murphy, Carole Stone, Paul Zarzski, Catherine Sasanov, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Ruth Schwartz, Dennis Schmitz, Raymond Carver

Art: Anne Noggle, Joanne Lynch, Robbie Steinbach, Elizabeth Layton, Martin Pearce, Stefan Krikl, Harry Wilson, Paul M. Romejko, Mark Klett, Kimberly Liedel

Essay: Dennis Schmitz

Interview: Catherine French and Gary Short interview Richard Ford 

Issue 3

Issue 3 Contributors

Cover Art: "Samson and Delilah" by Christopher Pelley

Fiction: Gabby Hyman, Philip Gerard, Candace St. Jacques Miles, Bradley Henderson, Diane Nelson

Poetry: Stephen Dunn, Stefanie Marlis, Laurie Kirk, Ron McFarland, Norman Dubie, Catherine Marconi, Jim Barnes, John Anton Piller, Maura Stanton, Jerry Santek, Dennis Schmitz, Janet Holmes, Rene Guy Cadou (translated by Dorothy Neil Cohen)

Art: Sharon Ewing-Rash, Kay Emig, Debra Bolin, Chris Pichler

Interview: T. M. McNally and Dean Stover interview John Updike

Issue 2

Issue 2 Contributors

Cover Art: "Space Curtains" by Arthur Secunda

Fiction: S. Denys Pogue, Pauline Mortensen, Benjamin Goluboff, Thomas M. McNally, Ron Carlson, Tom Chiarella

Poetry: Michael Hogan, Richard Terrill, Peggy Shumaker, Edward C. Lynskey, Kathleen Atkins, Dennis Schmitz, Umberto Saba, Rolly Kent, Allan Peterson, Catherine Sasanov, Bruce Taylor, Paul Shuttleworth, Michael Carrino, Naomi Wallace, D. Nurkse, Joseph Edward Bolton, Peter Cooley, Gyorgy Raba, Walter McDonald, Jeannine Savard

Art: Robert Kipness, K.B. Hwang, Barry Thomson, Yasu Eguchi, Hilary Heyman

Interview: Rob Hall interviews T. Coraghessan Boyle

Issue 1

Issue 1 Contributors

Cover Art: "Untitled" by John Kleber

Fiction: Cary Grossman, S.P. Stressman, Ron Hansen, Deanie Fotenot, Steve Beatty, Cynthia Frederick

Poetry: Robyn Zappala, Stuart C. Brown, Beckian Goldberg, Helga Kopperl, Paul Morris, Michael Gude, Dean Stover, Naomi Wallace, Kristen Catalano, William Olsen, Candace Greenburg, Arthur Stone, Norman Dubie, Brenda Hillman, James Cervantes, Leilani Jay, Rita Dove, Jeannine Savard, Peggy Shumaker

Interview: Jay Boyer interviews Joseph Heller